Swati Arora

Swati Arora
Swati Arora
Mindcoach Swati

Name of Business

Mindcoach Swati

Size of Business (Annual, US $)

6 figure annually

Number of employees

2 Interns


Life Coach who can read mind patterns & help in all life problems; be it personal, professional, career, business, mental health-related anything

1. Hello! Who are you and what expertise-based business do you own?

a. Share your name, business name, and area of expertise

Swati Arora (Mindcoach Swati) – I’m a globally certified Life Coach (ICF ACC Certified), NLP Practitioner, Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach, Associate in Hypnotherapy and Training Expert.

b. Share who is the audience for your expertise

Anyone who wants to elevate from their current position – be it in career, business, personal excellence, or relationship development. 

I specialize in empowering women who want to lead a successful and independent life; if they want to start a career or a business or elevate in life from their current role. 

c. Share what results your expertise help create for your audience

– Helps change mindsets to growth mastery 

– Helps achieve all life Goals 

– Personal Behavior Mastery & Social Skills 

– Relationship stability & longevity

– Get rid of Past traumas, unresourceful habits, or any fears 

 – Helps manifest anything in life 

2. What were you doing before starting this business and what is it that you wanted to accomplish in life?

I started out my career at a very young age of 16. I was doing my FYJC (Science) and during my first year itself, I started working as an intern/retainer in Hutchison Max Telecom – Mumbai (now known as Vodafone) as a Customer Service executive. Along with my studies, I was working part-time here and realized that I had a flair for helping others. Later, I moved on to work for Standard Chartered Bank and that’s when I got the opportunity to do some training for the newly hired team members. Training ignited a spark in me and gave me immense joy. I realized that this was my passion and I wanted to grow in this space of Training & Development. Gradually, I learned more about this domain, groomed myself, and climbed the ladder in the L&D space.   

I have been in the Training & L&D industry for the past 23yrs; handling training functions for large organizations. In my last stint, I was Head of Training (AVP) for Tech Mahindra Ltd. Since I am from the L&D fraternity, I understood human psychology very well – How to analyze individual needs, team management skills, skills development of individuals, how to manage & regulate human emotions, etc. As the leader of a team, I always used to Coach and mentor my team members to scale up and improve performance; however, with the added accreditation, I can now reach out to a larger audience and help them grow. 

I aspire to have a successful Training & Coaching business;  my external desire is to want to be a world-renowned Motivational Speaker. I aim at becoming a TedX speaker soon.
And my internal desire is: Through this profession I want to touch as many lives as possible; help people who are struggling in their lives without any support and also in my own way, build a culture of empathy & humanity.

3. What problems were you facing in achieving your dreams before this business even started?

My role as a Training professional has always given me immense satisfaction. Training & Coaching always enticed me and I could see many transformations happening in people along the journey. However somewhere I felt as though I’m not doing justice to my knowledge and expertise by restricting myself to the corporate ecosystem. Now, when you’re working for an organization, you have to stick to protocols and cannot go beyond boundaries even if you know that you can do something more to help the individuals and the organization as a whole.
Coaching & Mentoring is an integral part of a Learning specialist’s role. I mentored and coached many people within my organizations and helped them carve out their full potential; however, I felt that was not enough. There was an entire world outside this arena who needed support, who needed guidance, someone to show them the light, someone to be their anchor so that they don’t give up on life. Besides till today, we have a mere 6-7% women population reaching the top executive levels in any organization (this is a global statistic and not only about our country) Despite being so advanced and evolved, we still see the implications of the patriarchal society on the development of women leadership across the globe.
Women are suppressed everywhere – be it their home, the corporate environment, politics, everywhere. And hence I decided to move out of my comfort zone and explore the world outside by becoming a Life Coach. That’s when my journey as an ICF Coach started.

4. What insight led you to start this business?

As a training professional, I knew that coaching & mentoring was ingrained into me and I needed to capitalize on it to develop others. The Certification enhanced my true potential. 

On the personal front as well, there was a reason for getting into this profession. I suffered from an abusive & toxic marriage association and I know how the struggle of getting yourself back to your own individuality. Hence I want to help as many women as possible who suffer from toxic behaviors, abusive relationships & distorted families to ensure they are empowered to get their life back on track & bounce back strongly.

I also knew that for women empowerment and for Goal setting there is a lot of scope in the industry. These core skills of Goal setting, planning, and entrepreneurial journey are not taught in schools & colleges; hence have a lot of business potential. 

I initially started as a Goal setting expert & coach helping businesses; however, when I saw the immense opportunity in the area of Womenpreneurs, that’s when I shifted my focus & niche.

5. How did you acquire your early customers, and validate your market?

I decided to target – Womenpreneurs or women who want to start a career or build a business. 

My first offering was Goal Setting Workshop / Mind Mastery Workshop 

Our pre-launch activities, and communications included  Instagram promotions, Stories, and Reels promoting my Webinars & Workshops, Email Blasts, Whatsapp Broadcasts, etc. 

My initial Free Webinars were a huge success. I drove a lot of traffic to my webinars. However, the conversions were not very satisfactory. Then when I changed my strategy, I could see better conversion. 

My social circle had many women colleagues anyways. I decided to tap on it and build a specialized curriculum for womenpreneurs. I also hosted many Insta live sessions with Women Influencers talking about their success story. That built a lot of awareness in people as to what businesses they can get into alongside their household work or also as a side hustle alongside their 9-6 job. This was a big hit. Many women approached me to know more about how they could also start out a side hustle and make some money for their families. That’s when my journey as a Women Empowerment coach started.

6. What were some big setbacks in your early journey?

Finding my niche took me a long time. I was inventing in every area not knowing what would be the best space to focus on. 

There were no personal setbacks due to the entrepreneurial journey per say; but not being able to spare enough time and attention to my kids. Since I am a single mother of two kids, managing work, my business, being a full-time mom, and then generating new ideas for business all became a bit hectic in the beginning. Only when I started to schedule it all, and plan in advance I could efficiently do each of the tasks. 

I never considered going back to what I was doing before this business – Absolutely not. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought of giving up on my business. I am alright if the progress is slow, but I will gradually reach my goal post.  

I was overwhelmed sometimes with so many things on my platter and not enough time in hand. However, I have my vision very clear in my mind and would not give it up for anything ever. The pace could be slow due to various obstacles that come my way, but the desired target needs to be achieved. The one thing that I did in my journey was ‘be consistent’. I have always been very disciplined and persistent in my efforts. One thing I realized about Social media is that Consistency surely pays off – if you’re out there every day, people will recognize you, value you for your effort, and eventually trust you with their business. So I have always been very consistent in my content calendar – my posts, reels, Insta live sessions, YouTube Videos, Clubhouse sessions, some LinkedIn articles, etc. and that worked the trick for me.
Without paying anything for marketing, I organically promoted and marketed my brand and still doing to ensure I get the right reach. In fact, even though I met with an accident last year in Aug; I was still active on Social media, telling my viewers what I went through and sharing with them my recovery journey. That’s something which most of them connected to as they knew that it’s all real and nothing made up. People resonate with humanness and not masked faces.

7. What were the big achievements after your early journey?

I later realized the true essence of time management and systemic planning. When I started scheduling my tasks days and weeks in advance, preparing content calendars,   appointment schedulers, and also daily to-do lists, these things really helped me manage my time better and finish all tasks at hand. 

I also hired a team of interns to whom certain tasks will be delegated to ensure I’m only focusing on the most urgent and imp tasks. 

These greatly help me organize myself and my time in a better way

After I decided to push further – I could gather more clarity about my niche, and my target audience and was not wasting time on less relevant things. 

I also experimented with the pricing a couple of times to check what’s sellable.

8. Which tools were useful in growing your business?

For building an audience – I used all Social Media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Youtube, Spotify, etc. 

For building relationships with the audience – email mechanism, WhatsApp broadcasts, telegram groups, WhatsApp groups, FB groups, etc 

For developing my offerings – All SM platforms. For content development, I use various tools like Canva, Inshot, Adobe After effects, etc… 

For business support – Email blast – Mail chimp. Google Meet / Zoom for webinars and workshops. Youtube studio for video uploads and dashboards.

9. What habits and systems did you build for your growth and transformation as an entrepreneur?

I maintain a daily ‘To-Do’ list which enables me to plan my day & time in an efficient manner. A disciplined lifestyle has helped me keep a balance between my full-time work, my business, and also my family life. 

I am a super promoter of Time management using the To-Do list. I make my to-do list every day; I can’t start my day without it. I list down all the activities I plan to finish by the day’s end – both personal and official and ensure that I tick off all tasks before the day ends. For me, To-do lists make me super productive and I don’t lose any time procrastinating or thinking of non-controllable things.

 I read a lot to build and enhance my knowledge. I have read many books over the years to upskill myself. Apart from reading I also resort to other sources for absorbing knowledge – Videos, podcasts, clubhouses, attending Webinars, taking courses, etc.
I have a routine that I follow for my Reading/knowledge time. I listen to podcasts / CH sessions during my evening walk time i.e. 8-9 pm or 9-10 pm and before going to bed I ensure I read up something for at least 1 hr. That way I ensure to absorb some knowledge each day. 

The goal setting & Timeline technique of NLP has also immensely helped me reach my targets. Mind Maps for my goal setting are also very useful for me. 

I am very active socially, not only in online mode but offline as well. So wherever I go I ensure I make a connection with people and talk about my business and what I do and I certainly build my social connections and nurture them. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that as an entrepreneur you should never be shy to talk about your own business & product, that’s the best marketing tool 

My systems for managing work-life balance, and personal relationships – I ensure that I enjoy life as much as I work hard. So spending time with children, partying, going out with friends, adventurous activities, quality time for self – I make time for everything. 

Since starting this business – my motto has always been “Learn each day such that it’s your last day” and my business has really made me live this principle ideology each day. So every client that I meet and work with, every life that I touch upon, they teach me a new skill, a new experience, and a new story to learn from. This has transformed me as an individual.

10. Which books, podcasts, blogs, or newsletters have influenced your work the most?

a. Top 2-3 books and why you liked them – Awaken the Giant Within – by Tony Robbins. Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki; Ikigai – by Hector Garcia & Secret – by Rhonda Byrne. These books and many more have immensely touched me and made me grow. 

b. Name of 2-3 podcast shows you listen to regularly too, and why – “On Purpose by jay Shetty” & “Voice of Warikoo by Ankur Warikoo”. Jay Shetty is an amazing orator and has great content on relationships especially. I’ve been a great fan of his work for a long time. Ankur Warikoo is someone whom I find very genuine talking about his own life experiences, failures, learnings, and a lot of great valuable content for the younger generation.  

c. 2-3 influencers you follow through their blog or newsletter, and why – I follow the Success Gyan team – Puja Puneet, Siddharth Rajashekhar, Prachi, etc… Their content is crisp, to the point and very elaborate. They have a wide range of trainers/ coaches who specialize in their respective fields and share immense knowledge.

11. What advice would you give to a 5-years (or 10-years) younger self?

a. Professional advice: I should have started this NLP and coaching journey much before. The more time spent understanding the concepts, the better you become  

b. Personal advice: I should’ve been less tolerant back then and ended the abusive relationship much sooner; I feel like I wasted a lot of quality time.

12. Where can we learn more about you and your business?

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mindcoachswati?igshid=132g7mklc286t 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindcoachSwati/ 

Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCef7QlflVR9pppQ2Oom4zFQ

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/swati-arora-9b4774ab 

Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4eF8OBnOuKN8jnFiMX0AEE

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