The TLDR tech newsletter is one of the most popular newsletters in the tech space. We’ve made a list of some great tech newsletters fans of TLDR are sure to love!

In one of our previous blogs, we covered a list of the best technology and IT newsletters. The TLDR tech newsletter was among our picks. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s informative, beautifully presented, and expertly written. Currently, it’s one of the best tech newsletters even in other online lists.  

However, several other technology newsletters give TLDR a run for the money. By adopting novel ways of content presentation, these newsletters offer something fans of TLDR would love. 

We’ve found the 10 best tech newsletters that are sure to impress you if you love TLDR.

  1. TechCrunch

This tech newsletter was started in 2005 by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. TechCrunch is one of the oldest tech newsletters on the internet. Readers are offered dedicated newsletters for an exhaustive list of topics such as startups, crypto, and security, to name a few. You’ll never get bored as new content in the tech space is added daily and weekly. This tech newsletter has over 15 million monthly visits and many fans because of its high content quality.

  1. Bizarro Devs

Bizarro Devs may sound like a tech newsletter for developers. Well, it’s not. Not entirely. They have a vast selection of articles that anyone looking for a good read can enjoy. They also provide links to some websites and tools that simplify development and coding for developers. It’s a monthly newsletter and you’re sure to find something informative or bizarre when you subscribe to this tech newsletter.

  1. Techlicious

Techlicious is great for tech-savvy individuals. When you subscribe to Techlicious, you’ll be able to read about various tech trends, hacks, and tips to help you get the most out of modern technology. You can also discover new tech that you probably didn’t even know existed. Techlicious is a weekly newsletter and it has earned its place as one of the most popular tech newsletters. Employees from tech giants particularly love this newsletter. Advertisers from HP, Samsung, and Target have taken notice of this newsletter and actively promote their products on this platform.

  1. The Blueprint

This tech newsletter is brought to you by Interesting Engineering. It’s a daily tech newsletter that provides readers with an in-depth summary of all things tech-related. Science geeks, tech fans, and engineering enthusiasts will love the simplistic layout and writing style of this newsletter. As it’s a daily newsletter, no tech news escapes from the coverage of The Blueprint. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy reading this in your free time.

  1. Tedium

Tedium has been around since 2015. It’s circulated twice weekly and follows a long-form format. Readers are given deep dives into the vast world of technology. Ernie Smith uses a very direct and conversational style of writing. This tech newsletter uses stories to give readers important advice and takeaways. When you read Tedium, you’ll know just how much effort Ernie puts into the content. It’s very reflective and every topic is hand-picked so that there’s always something new to learn and think about in tech and innovation.

  1. Box of Amazing

Box of Amazing is a great tech newsletter. Subscribers can find it in their inbox every Sunday. This tech newsletter explores many wonderful topics like drones, robotics, and apps. You can find some great developments in the tech field consolidated into a concise 3-minute read. The content is presented in a box format with summaries for each. If you love reading about modern-day gadgets and developments, this one is definitely for you.

  1. New Atlas

Human beings are capable of great things. We’re always tinkering and trying new ways to make our life easier. New Atlas celebrates human ingenuity in all its glory. This daily newsletter is great for people who enjoy the vast world of science and technology. It also has content related to lifestyle and design. There’s always something new and inspiring to read in the New Atlas. Readers will love the variety of information and straightforward language used in this tech newsletter.

  1. The Download

The Download is brought to you by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The modern and clean design language of this tech newsletter is very appealing to readers. As expected from one of the top engineering universities in the world, every article is professionally written. The content has a very case-study-like feel and is very reflective. It makes readers think about the future scenarios, impacts, benefits, and risks of technology on humanity as a whole. There are several areas covered and if you want more, you can get a premium subscription. This is a very well-written tech newsletter and makes you think about the real purpose of technology. Give it a read and you’ll see for yourself.

  1. Fully Charged

Bloomberg has nailed the content in its Fully Charged newsletter. This weekly tech newsletter uses a very creative storytelling approach. All the tech articles are interlinked and seamlessly transition as you read. This creates a very unique level of immersion. When you factor in the simplistic and light layout, you have a recipe for a truly unique newsletter that captures your attention. As a bonus, you can even explore links to global tech news if you want more information about the topics covered. 

  1. The Other Valleys

Tech is exploding everywhere. Yet, news outlets seem to cover tech updates only from North American and European countries. It’s a known fact that developing countries are rapidly developing their tech infrastructure and innovating at a fast pace. All of this is going unnoticed. The Other Valleys aims to fix this. This tech newsletter covers tech news from the developing world. Using a conversational tone, this tech newsletter explains the implications of technology in economics and politics. You’re guaranteed to find something interesting when you read The Other Valleys.

Where can you discover more newsletters?

There are several other newsletters that we may have missed out on when we curated the list. You can find a vast selection of unique newsletters for all kinds of topics on platforms such as Swapstack, Paved, Upstart, and LetterHunt. Visit these websites and you’ll be able to feed your appetite for newsletters.

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