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It is important to determine a person’s intelligence at the early stage of life. In doing so, they can receive proper guidance to achieve success in their respective fields. To enhance the intelligence we possess, intrapersonal intelligence plays a very crucial role. A person should follow a set of guidelines in his life to increasing productivity, concentration, and a positive outlook towards life. Intrapersonal intelligence speaks all about a man’s curiosity, critical thinking, introspection, self-reflectivity about any topic that interests them. But, before delving more into the study of intrapersonal intelligence, let us start with a story.

The story of David Reynolds

Part I

They are a part of our experiences as we grow up.

Reynolds is a 24-year old junior engineer working in a petrochemical plant. He is very sincere at his job and is on good terms with his colleagues and his boss. One day his boss called him into the office and the situation went something like this.

Boss: Hey Reynolds. Please have a seat. 

Reynolds: Hello sir. I heard you called me urgently. 

Boss: Yes, I did. It’s been almost a year that you are working for the company. You have always been a very dedicated engineer meeting your targets before the deadline. I even remember you received the best employee of the month in the first month of your joining itself.

Reynolds: Thank you very much sir. I have always tried to give my best when it comes to my work.

Boss: Sorry to inform you Reynolds but your last quarterly report speaks otherwise. It seems like you are not able to meet your target within the deadline for the past few weeks. I have also noticed that you are entering late in office often. Is there something you are worried about or this job doesn’t interest you anymore?

Reynolds: Sir, I can assure you that I am very dedicated to this company and there is nothing that you should worry about.

Boss: Well, your lack of interest and poor performance is currently worrying me very much. I don’t want to be harsh on you but you should understand even if I work under someone as well. If you can’t meet the target deadline I am answerable to someone and I am not going to be held responsible for someone else’s incompetence. You are good employee Reynolds, don’t fail me next time. Get back to work.

What just happened, Reynolds thought in his mind. He is working for almost a year in this company and his boss has never behaved with him like this before. This got Reynolds into thinking that what made his performance go down? He didn’t reach the last few targets by deadline and didn’t even realise this until now. It is like he is trying to give his best in work, but at times he keeps forgetting things or misses one or two events from his daily schedule. Now that he got into thinking if his productivity has decreased in the last few months, he realised how far he is from reaching his target.

I think some of you can relate with this situation of Reynolds. You are trying to give your best but something is constantly hindering you to do better. It’s like with every passing day you find it hard to balance your life. You might be working for a company or have your own start-up, but at any condition you cannot risk to lose or damage what you have. So, we need to find a solution. A solution to run your life smoothly, to make yourself more productive, and accelerate your career growth. 

Here is a link for self assessment to check if you have aced time-management already or you are facing similar situations like Reynolds.

So, let’s find out the problem Reynolds faced in his office problem and how he coped up with it.

What problem is faced by Reynolds?

The problem with Reynolds is a very common issue in the life of people in their early career. They are new to their job and full of enthusiasm. But, when you come to the professional life from college life, there is a big change in lifestyle. It is not the same anymore if you are late in office as you used to be late in college. Every activity in your workplace is watched by someone, scrutinized by someone because at the end of the day it is business. They are investing their money on you and they demand excellent results.

So, it might happen that you need time to adjust or after some time you feel like managing time is becoming very hard for you. You stay up late at home to complete your work within the deadline and the next day you are late for work. 

What is the solution?

In this situation of Reynolds, the most crucial problem he faced was time-management. He came late in office, missed one or two meetings which reduced the interaction with his boss. And, if you don’t get proper guidance from your mentor it hampers your workflow especially if you are a junior employee. So, for Reynold’s case his lack of time-management also dragged his overall performance down. 

But, this is a common problem faced by many of us. Haven’t you ever faced a situation where you felt like your performance is up to the mark? We all know this issue bugs most of us but have you thought of a solution? Because you remember attending the departmental classes in college but there was no class for learning time-management. 

This is an issue that worries me about our education system. We think technical knowledge is everything. But, managing your life especially your career is also a huge task. And, if you survive your career life with accelerated performance and growth, nobody will come to ask you what was your percentage in college. And, you should also know that having the ability to manage yourself is also a type of intelligence known as intrapersonal intelligence. It helps you to become more productive and overall become a very efficient person excelling in whichever career path you have chosen.

Since I mentioned intrapersonal intelligence, first I want to talk a bit about all following topics:

  1. The different kinds of intelligences.
  2. What is intrapersonal intelligence?
  3. Personality of intrapersonal intelligent people
  4. Importance of intrapersonal intelligence, and 
  5. how Reynolds solved his problem by building intrapersonal intelligence.

Knowing about different kind of intelligences

So, what are the different kinds of intelligence? Do they coexist in a person’s mind? It was Howard Gardner, a Harvard psychologist who first proposed the idea of multiple intelligences in 1983. In his book, “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, Gardner suggested that people possess a different kind of “intelligence”. According to the Gardner theory, there are a total of eight kinds of intelligence, namely, Visual-Spatial, Linguistic Verbal, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Naturalistic. He also mentioned a possible ninth kind of intelligence, that is, “existentialist intelligence”.

Today, among all these kinds of intelligence, we have particularly chosen Intrapersonal Intelligence to be our prime topic of discussion. No matter what we are good at, intrapersonal intelligence helps us make better decisions in our life by managing our goals and objectives. So, you can be a great artist or a famous mathematician, if you have intrapersonal intelligence characteristics, you can save yourself the trouble of going to a career counselor.

What is Intrapersonal Intelligence?

In simple words, Intrapersonal Intelligence means self intelligence. Most of us don’t know if we have the traits of an intrapersonal intelligent person yet that is the most common and valuable thing we share among us. If you are self analyzer, always busy analyzing your every move, thinking ahead of the situation, and have a critical point of view to your both professional and personal life, you are an intrapersonal intelligent person. Self-analysis and self-inquiry are the two most valuable assets of a person possessing intrapersonal intelligence helping to unleash your true abilities and potential. The character traits of an intrapersonal intelligent person are very crucial and that is what makes him or her a true introspective expert.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you sit down to pen the exact whereabouts of your entire day to analyze your every move, to hover at your alternative options, and make plans about your next decisions, it means you possess intrapersonal intelligence. But, most people are ignorant that they reflect such a powerful type of intelligence. So, self-evaluation plays a very important role in your success no matter which type of intelligence you have.

Few obvious traits in people with intrapersonal intelligence 

If you come to know about the different types of intelligence you can also have a look at the traits. Many people take an IQ test to analyze how intelligent they are but I think if we are observant enough, we can spot the next person with intrapersonal intelligence. 

Here are a few characteristics that you should look at in yourself or your friends to check for intrapersonal intelligence

  • Intrapersonal intelligent people are capable of spotting their strengths and weaknesses. Since they are great analyzers, they can very accurately study their behavior.
  • They strictly follow a timetable for their work life or life in general to give their best performance. 
  • They are also ignorant of the judgments of other people as their self-reflective capabilities are strong. Instead of paying heed to what other people have to say they prefer testing their ideas and theories in life.
  • They have a habit of maintaining a journal thus penning every detail down to rethink about them later.

  • As a very critical observant, they learn with time how to become more self-confident as their intuitions are hardly wrong. 
  • An intrapersonal intelligent person not only studies himself from the perspective of logical intelligence but also has firm control over their feelings and desires. So, it is just to say that a person with intrapersonal intelligence has firm control in his life hence, he doesn’t rush into decisions and conclusions.
  • The introverted nature of their personality is dominant as they like some time to themselves for self-introspection. 
  • They also have a stronger sense of self-awareness. 

These are the most common character traits in any person with intrapersonal intelligence. And, looking at these traits it can be concluded that if a person nurtures this side of intelligence properly they are bound to achieve success sooner in their lives. 

Why is it important to develop intrapersonal skills?

I will explain this with a very simple example. Let’s think from the perspective of an entrepreneur or someone who is adhered to a particular job for 3-4 years. If you are an entrepreneur you will plan to expand your territory thus reaching more people globally. When you are making deals with investors, partnering with another company your intuition has to be very strong. For an entrepreneur, it is necessary to always think one step ahead. So, if you are the person who has built an intrapersonal intelligence, it will be easier to make crucial decisions. Intrapersonal people are open to new ideas and criticism. Thus, they welcome new ideas as every day we evolve and our desires shift accordingly.

When we are approaching a stable position in our career, most of us fail to see our situation in the long-run. We get tempted by the six-digit salary but eventually, our life becomes monotonous after a point in time. But, if you are an intrapersonal person you can thoroughly analyze your strengths and weaknesses. This means you can decide an alternate career for yourself by calculating the amount of risk you are willing to take. Proper planning is necessary at an adult- stage of life and this habit can be achieved through intrapersonal intelligence. Every new step we take involves a certain amount of risk, but intrapersonal skills help in minimizing it through planning. But, no matter what we do we should never be scared to take that first step towards change. 

People with less confidence are afraid to take chances of thinking they might lose stability. What they fail to see is the immense scope an alternate future might bring to them if they work hard enough. 

How intrapersonal intelligence helped Reynolds?

The brief from above helps us understand that a person with strong intrapersonal intelligence makes a better task manager, a good decision maker, and a great analyzer. The problem at this stage of career faced by Reynolds was lacking the ability of managing task swifty. He failed to catch up with his day-to-day work which resulted in poor performance. 

At first he let the negativity sink in thinking why his boss gave such a bad review about him suddenly. He was always giving his best performance at work but all the third parties noticed was his degrading work quality. If this continued he knew both his professional and personal life would be messed up. So, the coming weekend, he gave all his time thinking about how to deal with this problem. And, after he did a bit of research, the solution was crystal clear. He needed to ace his task managing abilities. Be it scheduling his entire day or adhering to a routine at office, all he needed was better planning qualities. 

So, without wasting a moment. He referred to some daily schedule templates and work planners. By maintaining these, it would become easier for him to keep a track of his daily schedule and see if he was becoming good at task managing and time management. 

Check out for getting free schedule templates. Also, check out the software to get a free time tracking tool for yourself. 

Please share with us your views on how this story helped you become a better task manager. But, did this help Reynolds improve his work performance? Let’s find that out in the next part of this article. Till then apply such simple tactics for yourself and see the change. 

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