The Problem: How to develop an operating system that can help get better results for ‘Hard Problems’ in the New Normal?

  • Full time or part-time work-from-home becoming the norm
  • Hard-problems are difficult to solve alone - motivation, insights and speed tough to maintain consistently till success
  • Peer groups are available, but most of them have too much irrelevant communication (spam!) or no activity at all
  • Existing operating system - the tactics & routines - to get results are not very effective in the New Normal

Hard Problems

Hard Problems require time to solve - 6 months or more. Hard problems that are important for YOUR success, are selected by YOU. A problem qualifies to create a cohort, when there are minimum 8 members wanting to work on it in their life. Examples of problems suggested by members to us:

  • Increase effectiveness of (my) professional network, for success
  • Create a profitable side-hustle (side business)
  • Accelerate the growth as per career roadmap
  • Improve ability to manage teams and peers - get better results from people
  • Create a social enterprise in an area of deep concern
  • Improve effectiveness as a leader - more authenticity and better results
  • Accelerate business growth - 2x or 3x the growth already planned
  • Accelerate pace of achieving Financial Independence or Freedom
  • Get better at personal satisfaction or feeling fulfilled
  • A ‘hard problem’ YOU want to focus on

Problem Solvers by PurpleCrest is a peer-to-peer learning club that helps build a high-performance operating system. We specifically focus on learning strategic thinking, success psychology and networking for solving problems. For success in the New Normal

Our approach to facilitate learning from peers is based on years of experience in getting better results from strategy. We have worked with CEOs and Leaders in global Fortune 100 enterprises, founders of high-growth startups, acclaimed social entrepreneurs and have further strengthened the approach through research on icons and world-class performers in different spheres.

Does this sound relevant for your or your team’s success?

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Supercharge your career and professional growth by adopting habits & tools of world-class performers and a network of vetted peers

Features of the club:
Focus on a ‘Hard Problem’ that matters to you for professional success. Problems that need 6-12 months efforts
Virtual mastermind groups of 8-10 individuals with similar ‘hard problem’ to solve. For peer-to-peer learning
Proven methodology to track progress for startup-like execution, virtually facilitated by PurpleCrest team
Learn from peers, share insights and get supported in moments of breakdown. Asynchronous & Moderated
Curated content on networking for success, strategic thinking and psychology of achievement

How it works


What your mind focuses on before sleep and early hours of your day, along with the 5 people whom you spend most of your time with, either accelerates or slows down your success - at ANYTHING that really matters

How we help build your operating system for success:


Every month we accept select individuals with similar hard problems to solve. This cohort becomes your tribe of peers dedicated to helping each other reach their goals.


We share templates to sharpen your objective, to develop strategy and to develop a workplan for execution. This system of yours gets shared with other members for social accountability.


Ask questions, share your learnings with others and learn from tactics/routines of other members for the common problem. End of week result-sharing in the group to ensure weekly progress - along with tribe.


Our team facilitates virtual asynchronous (non-live) communication. Participate when you get time. We ensure participation is professional, relevant and by everyone, not just a few.

What do you get as a Problem Solver?

Membership dues at INR 1999 per month, are paid quarterly and provide members with a space to support each other make progress in an area that is important, yet tough to consistently execute in alone. Some of the expected benefits include:

  • High quality partners to support your success journey and also moments of breakdown - necessary in the New Normal
  • Powerful and practical methodology for execution that is known to produce results for high-performers
  • Online discussions with peers for coaching and mentoring
  • Triple accountability for progress making - self, our team and peers
  • Sharper abilities in strategic thinking and complex problem solving
  • Assessments and insights to improve skills in networking to create success
  • Opportunities to get connected with business leaders for collaboration
  • Access to business problems for practicing and possibly making extra money by consulting

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You are in good company... very good company.

At PurpleCrest, we have a deep bench of entrepreneurs, operators and builders who have worked at marquee brands. As a Problem Solver, you’ll get opportunities to meaningfully connect with and learn from this growing network of executives

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Applications are now open!

We open cohorts on a rolling basis. Applicants are evaluated based on industry and experience. We strive to bring together a diverse and inclusive cohort. Accepted applicants will be contacted via the email address provided for an interview with a member of our team.


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